Try It Before You Buy It
Undertake a Proof of Concept

ActiveDocs knows that being confident in the selection of your business tools stems from trying and proving them in your environment. Over 90% of those who undertake this process with us continue confidently to full production implementation.

Every business is unique, from its culture to its environment, and yours is no exception. When you want to be sure that you have the right solution, the best way to do this is to install, configure, and use it in your own environment.

By installing and evaluating ActiveDocs Opus, using your own data, and meshing with your existing applications, you are able to test the capabilities of ActiveDocs Opus to be absolutely certain that the product is right for your business.

We will be there to help – we have a tried and true methodology for working together to ‘scaffold’ your internal team to ensure successful outcomes.

Guiding You through the Process

To ensure that your business needs and requirements are met, we can guide you through our proven and well-structured Proof of Concept (POC) process:

  • Your first point of contact for will be the ActiveDocs Business Development Manager – you may have met them already. They will work with you to define and document the draft project, helping you to determine achievable milestones and realistic deliverables. Together, you will identify internal resources and any ActiveDocs Services that your project will require.
  • Once the project parameters and resourcing are documented and agreed, the Business Development Manager will introduce you to your experienced ActiveDocs Project Manager. They will be your team's point of contact with ActiveDocs Services and Support.
  • You will receive evaluation licenses covering the full feature set of ActiveDocs Opus free of charge for an agreed period.
  • Your POC Project Team and the ActiveDocs Team will be in constant dialog throughout the POC Project. That may be on a daily basis, or whatever agreed schedule works for your team. You will have assistance throughout the project.

Best Resources for Best Results

To make the most of the project, your business will need to commit people, time, and infrastructure. We will work with you to provide installation assistance, training, and consultancy as well as Support for the project duration. Our team is here to help your team – we are focused and responsive, and our experience means we can often anticipate your needs, and rapidly guide your team to highly successful outcomes.

With our tried and true POC project methodology and experienced support, we can ensure that you gain a comprehensive understanding of the solution, along with the confidence that it meets your business requirements prior to any final purchase commitment. We know how very important this can be – and we know this works for our prospective customers. Remember, over 90% of those who try ActiveDocs – buy it, and succeed.

Providing Ongoing Support

Because every business is unique, every POC is different. Some will be more demanding than others. We have extensive experience with POC projects and know just how to start you off well. We have worked with customers across varied verticals in both the private and public sectors and worked with an immense range of requirements and challenges including:

  • Complex interaction with databases, other data repositories, and other external content
  • Sophisticated integration with DMS and ECM, including round-tripping and regeneration
  • Automated Document Production from Line of Business (LOB) systems
  • User-Driven Document Creation from desktop applications including Microsoft Word
  • User-Driven Document Creation from web applications
  • Web services development and consumption
  • Planning pilot systems, staged rollouts, and system loading
  • Template Design strategies to maximize the use of ActiveDocs functionality

We will share our experience with your team, making sure that assistance is available when you need it.

Interested in trying ActiveDocs?
Let your Business Development Manager know, or contact us directly.

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