Information about ActiveDocs Management

Glenn Ricketts
Chief Executive Officer

Glenn has over 30 years international sales and marketing experience in the IT industry. After a sustained career in sales, Glenn was appointed International Sales Director for Cray Communications in the UK in 1994, then joined Cisco Systems EMEA and was responsible for marketing operations for Service Provider sales teams in 29 countries. In 1999 he joined Nortel Networks as VP of Marketing and ran international teams in both the Service Provider Solutions and Enterprise Products Divisions, and in 2001 became CEO for Boston, USA-based start-up Invisible Hand Networks. Glenn has helmed ActiveDocs since 2003, overseeing sustained growth for both ActiveDocs' broad client base and for the business itself. Glenn holds an Honors BSc (with specialization in Marketing) from UMass in Boston, USA.


North America


Catherine Larsen
Senior Vice President, North American Operations

Catherine has been with ActiveDocs for 12 years in a Senior Account Management role working in the North American and the Asia Pacific regions. She has a strong background in International Sales, Publishing, and Management across multiple verticals. Catherine has a clear focus on developing strong relationships through expert communication skills and by acquiring a detailed understanding of the customer’s needs. In the post-sales environment, Catherine’s management expertise ensures that projects undertaken on behalf of ActiveDocs clients are well structured and managed.




Samuel Ricketts
Sales Director, Europe

Samuel heads ActiveDocs operations in the European and Middle Eastern markets. His strong communication and interpersonal skills allow him to expertly understand his customers' requirements and to tailor an ActiveDocs solution accordingly. In his role, Samuel applies an in-depth understanding of his customers to facilitate a positive account relationships. Prior to this appointment Samuel worked in account management, as a software quality assurance analyst, and as an underwriter in Liability Insurance.


Australia | Asia-Pacific


Skip Dostine
Senior Vice President, Australia & Asia-Pacific Operations

Skip brings to ActiveDocs more than 30 years’ experience in the IT industry and has headed ActiveDocs’ expansion into the Australian market for the past 10 years. After gaining tertiary qualifications in the Telecommunications field Skip joined the Datacom Group, becoming Company Director before taking the role of General Manager with Intelligent Building Technologies. In 1998, Skip moved to Designer Technologies Ltd and was pivotal in forming the Marshal Software brand and developing its worldwide sales and marketing programs. Skip moved to Atlanta GA as VP Sales in 2001 and transitioned to Product Line Sales Manager with NetIQ Corporation in Houston TX. Most recently, Skip has been VP of Sales and Marketing North America with Winscribe in Chicago IL.


Martin Srubar (M.Eng.)
Senior Technology Evangelist

Martin’s engineering background and his passion for great products whether in physical or software form are complemented by his profound understanding of ActiveDocs applications and how they meet the requirements and fit the architecture of the company’s clients. Martin has contributed significantly to the content and quality of ActiveDocs marketing and pre-sales processes and in his role he continues to engage with potential and existing customers while adding market intelligence and customer feedback into the company’s ongoing product development strategy.


Support | Development


Glenn Cameron (MSCD)
Senior Vice President, Product Development

Glenn has had comprehensive involvement in document automation systems for the past 20 years. Glenn's leadership of the ActiveDocs development team ensures a continuity of standards and processes across the development environment, and draws on his skills as both an intuitive developer and wide-thinking analyst. Glenn has an excellent skill-set in a wide range of products and technologies including Microsoft® Visual Studio, Microsoft® SQL server, and Microsoft® Office development as well as a number of third party document management systems.


Chris Rust (NZCS, MSCD)
Principal Product Architect

Chris has worked at ActiveDocs for over 18 years and has vast experience working in complex development environments and in using tools such as Microsoft® Visual Studio, Microsoft® SQL server, and Microsoft® Office. Having been an active member of the Microsoft® Office Developer Advisory Panel, Chris brought his experience and incisive thinking into contributing to the ongoing Office development strategy at Microsoft® Corporation. Chris was the principal architect behind the Smart Tag technology implemented in ActiveDocs version 2.0 which won the global Microsoft® Tech-Ed 2002 Business Productivity Award.


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