Underwriting with Confidence: A $5 billion US-Based Commercial Property Insurer Improves Efficiency with ActiveDocs

Overland Park September 6, 2018
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About the use case

ActiveDocs, the confident choice of large companies for document automation success, announced today that a large commercial property insurer in the United States has deployed ActiveDocs Opus. The software will be an integral part of their new, companywide platform for underwriting of complex, high-value, commercial property related risks.

Catherine Larsen, ActiveDocs SVP Sales for North America, said: “Prior to engaging with ActiveDocs, this client evaluated a number of other products in the document automation market. None had the depth and breadth of capability they needed to support their enterprise-wide underwriting platforms. Through an in-depth Proof of Concept project, ActiveDocs was able to show that it can provide the required functionality and flexibility, including advanced API capabilities which enabled our client to use ActiveDocs Opus as the document engine of their underwriting platform.”

Our client has developed this new platform with focus on expanding into the mid-market of commercial property insurance. This is a fast growing market for the company, so an agile and responsive platform was required to adapt quickly to the changing demands of both the market, and the business.

Alongside document generation itself, ActiveDocs also provides the engine that powers the management of all underlying template content. The solution creates natural language wording based on the data in the underwriting system. This is used for description of limits, deductibles, and other clauses. Through the sophisticated system of ActiveDocs Snippets, users can preview and modify each endorsement prior to these being pulled together into a policy. Furthermore, ActiveDocs determines and assembles the correct documents forming the policy pack, including state-specific mandatory disclosures.

Over 5,500 of the insurer’s employees will access the system for generation of documents with speed, success, and minimum risk, directly from within the new underwriting platform and via other systems that use the ActiveDocs document engine.

You can download the case study about the ActiveDocs deployment at this commercial property insurer in Letter-size, A4-size or view it here.

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About the customer

Our client is a leading insurer of commercial property, specializing in engineering-based risk management and property insurance solutions. It helps its clients – mostly Fortune 1000 companies – reduce their exposure to potential risks through thorough case investigation and recommendations provided by field engineers. Based in the USA with offices internationally, the insurer manages multiple entities and associated product lines, catering to the large and mid-markets worldwide.


About the solution


For over two decades, ActiveDocs has helped more large companies automate their business documents than any other. These include Cigna, Shell, Bayer, BP, Liberty Mutual, ABB and Ricoh. With global offices in Overland Park, London, Brisbane, and Auckland, the company consistently delivers the best customer experience. Over 90% of organizations who try it, buy it and succeed. Learn more about the Customer Confidence Promise at www.activedocs.com.

ActiveDocs Opus

ActiveDocs Opus™ is a world-leading Document Automation Solution built on Microsoft® Office and Microsoft® Windows Server technology, and supports industry standard integration with data sources and document storage and handling applications. Templates are designed in Microsoft® Word and built from reusable components. ActiveDocs Opus has built-in management and deployment tools to allow Templates to be used for User-Driven (interactive) and Program-Driven (automated) document creation.

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