$30 Billion Auto Insurer Drives Document Automation with ActiveDocs

Kansas City August 21, 2019
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ActiveDocs, the confident choice of large companies for document automation success, announced today that the largest auto-insurer in the US is implementing ActiveDocs for management of content and customer communication form generation. As part of the deployment, ActiveDocs will be integrated with a number of the insurer’s IT systems.

The solution will assist with creation of insurance applications, adverse action letters, driving history notices, and a number of other forms. Based on the requirements of state regulators, these documents undergo frequent changes. ActiveDocs will produce forms tailored to the regulatory requirements of each state without the need to unnecessarily duplicate content.

Catherine Larsen, ActiveDocs SVP of Sales, North America, said: “Our customer designed their proof of concept project to the specific needs of their insurance forms and processes. Working together, we established a robust project structure. The customer detailed the specific outcomes and objectives to be achieved. The team worked together with ActiveDocs, and accomplished the goals that were set out. Furthermore, as they learned more about the software, the company discovered several new possible applications for it in their business.”

The insurer is implementing ActiveDocs to author, tag, store, discover, and reuse modules of content that are assembled into insurance forms. Through ActiveDocs’ Snippet functionality, content can be context-sensitive and shared among disparate forms. This enables the insurer to make a change once, automatically applying it in all the relevant forms – for a single state, all states, or a number of, but not all, states.

Before the forms can be used, they undergo strict approval by the relevant regulators in each state where the company operates. ActiveDocs software can publish into a range of document formats, including MS Word, PDF, RTF, HTML, XML and others, depending on the needs of regulators and in line with business requirements.

In the future, our customer is expecting to expand the use of ActiveDocs. They plan to replace their legacy Documaker CCM solution with a streamlined process where ActiveDocs will serve as the end-to-end Customer Communication Generation (CCG) solution.


About our customer

Our customer is the third largest insurer in the USA and the largest auto-insurer. Established in 1937, the insurer is headquartered in Mayfield Village, Ohio, employs over 33 thousand employees nation-wide, and has over $30 billion in written premium.


About the solution


ActiveDocs is a world-leading Document Automation Solution built on Microsoft® Office and Microsoft® Windows Server technology, and supports industry standard integration with data sources and document storage and handling applications. Templates are designed in Microsoft® Word and built from reusable components. ActiveDocs has built-in management and deployment tools to allow Templates to be used for User-Driven (interactive) and Program-Driven (automated) document creation.

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