ActiveDocs Opus Snippets

The intelligent reusable content building blocks.

Snippets are ActiveDocs Opus Design Components linked to one or more Templates, and are typically used for common content such as standard terms and conditions, sign-off paragraphs, and legal clauses.

Snippets are Microsoft® Word files (OOXML format) and may therefore contain any supported formatting of text and graphics. In ActiveDocs Opus Designer, Snippets are managed by ActiveDocs Opus Content Manager and maintained with ActiveDocs Opus Design Tools in the same way as Templates. Like Templates, Snippets may also contain ActiveDocs Intelligence - Active Fields, data source links, Repeating Items, and Selection Lists - and links to external data sources.

Organizations which already have such common content in use as Microsoft® Word XML files stored in locations such as the file system, Microsoft® SharePoint, and other WebDAV-compliant applications, now have the ability to map those locations with ActiveDocs Opus and achieve wider use of the material in documents created from ActiveDocs Opus Templates.

The utility of Snippets is extended by the ActiveDocs Opus Client which provides the Research function to allow Snippets to be used in other Microsoft® Office documents.


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