Forensic Experts Maximize Time in the Field

World leader in forensic engineering and consulting implements ActiveDocs document automation software for document excellence and efficiency

Kansas City May 26, 2020
Building and car on fire.

A world leader in forensic engineering and consulting has chosen ActiveDocs document automation software to improve the creation of field reports and other essential documents across its business.

The firm selected ActiveDocs as its solution following an intensive, highly successful Proof-of-Concept project.

Catherine Larsen, ActiveDocs SVP of Sales, North America, said: “We worked with the firm on a thorough Proof-of-Concept project to ensure ActiveDocs can meet all the requirements. The test scenario was the ability to create unique, detailed, case-specific documents based on data collected in the field. The project gave our customer the deep confidence required prior to the live deployment of ActiveDocs. They could see that all important functionality to ensure complete accuracy was in place – before buying the software.”

The new solution creates customized, highly graphical reports, leveraging data captured in the field, and guarantees that nothing is missed. It replaces a largely manual process, saving engineers with a high level of expertise a significant amount of time and effort, while freeing them to focus on other higher-value tasks.

The firm can now confidently maintain its reputation for exceptionally accurate reports with a high level of attention to detail.

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About our Customer

Our customer is an international forensic and consulting firm established in the 80s. With 60 offices worldwide, it provides consulting and expert witnesses across a number of engineering and scientific disciplines.


About the Solution


ActiveDocs develops document automation software that makes it easy for large organizations to design templates, and produce the documents they need with the greatest speed, success, and minimum risk.

It’s the confident choice of large companies for document automation success.

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