ActiveDocs Releases the Latest Generation of Document Automation Software

The new release will empower users to redefine what can be accomplished through document automation

Auckland August 19, 2020
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ActiveDocs Document Automation Software

Building on 28 years of document automation expertise, ActiveDocs has released its latest generation of Document Automation Software. This new software enhances the ActiveDocs range of features, focusing on the most sophisticated uses of document automation solutions.

Following are some of the highlights of the new product:

Template design features with no compromises

Template Design capabilities are at the core of ActiveDocs Document Automation Software. The new release includes a number of new features which will entirely redefine what is possible to achieve with a document automation solution.

  • Unlimited nesting of content building blocks – nest your automated and non-automated content (Snippets) within other content… and do it over and over again, as needed. All content can be edited in one place, and used anywhere as a building block (a Snippet). A Snippet can be as small as a sentence or an image, or as large as hundreds of pages of automated content built up of a number of other Snippets. There are no restrictions.
  • Unlimited nesting of repeating content – real-life business processes are hierarchical. A client may purchase multiple items. Each item may have many different parts, and each part will have a number of parameters. The new release of ActiveDocs allows you to generate documents with any level of nested repeating hierarchy. Regardless of the level of nesting, all your favorite automation functionality is still available and ready to use.
  • Even more powerful rules – we have brought reuse and modularity into our rules engine. You can nest rules, apply appropriate joiners, and make them do exactly what you need, referencing existing rules where needed, and viewing the rule logic in natural language.

Architected for deployment on Cloud infrastructure

The deployment and administration experience has been redesigned from the ground up to better support working with Cloud infrastructure - Azure, AWS, and other providers. This lets you leverage the benefits of Cloud deployment while maintaining full control of your solution. If your preference is to deploy ActiveDocs in your own data centers, in-house or outsourced, you can do so without compromising on any ActiveDocs features and benefits.

  • ActiveDocs AdminCenter – this new administration application makes it easy to configure multiple instances and environments of ActiveDocs from a single, web-based interface.
  • Deployment with Cloud-native databases – you can deploy ActiveDocs on AWS and Azure, and use their Cloud native MS SQL database offering. This reduces the cost of Cloud infrastructure while avoiding lock-ins.
  • Scripted deployment of ActiveDocs instances – automate your deployment of ActiveDocs instances in the Cloud or on-premises.


Security and its management have been revised on all levels of the product, so you can have even more confidence in your ActiveDocs document automation solution:

  • Auditing of configuration changes – this new addition provides an extra level of security.
  • Access to the server is no longer required for configuration.
  • Greater granularity when configuring user privileges.
  • Additional API security model options.

Full text search

All your source content, your Templates, and your Snippets, can now be thoroughly searched through full text search. This makes it even quicker and easier to find the right Snippet or Template.

Speed and performance

Every large organization using large number of Templates and Snippets knows how important it is that the document automation solution works quickly, regardless of the number of templates and the level of sophistication of automation within them. We made sure that speed is not a concern, optimizing a number of common actions in the software to ensure high responsiveness and minimal wait times.

  • Speed improvements in the Content Manager application – the application’s back-end has been re-architected to ensure high responsiveness over higher latency connections (relevant to Cloud deployments).
  • Higher responsiveness of Template Design interface – particularly in situations with thousands of design components and component re-use.

The focus in the new ActiveDocs release has been to enable highly sophisticated document automation scenarios, expanding what can be automated beyond scenarios that are typically viewed as possible by document automation providers.

Our new release will be especially beneficial to large organizations, with large numbers of templates and high rates of content reuse, who run their software on advanced Cloud or on-premise infrastructure.

To find out how this new release of ActiveDocs can help you produce high value documents and communications, please get in touch with your Account Manager, or contact us directly.


About the Solution


ActiveDocs develops document automation software that makes it easy for large organizations to design templates, and produce the documents they need with the greatest speed, success, and minimum risk.

It’s the confident choice of large companies for document automation success.

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