Automated Document Production

Taking high-value document automation to the next level.

"Sophisticated documents that your business relies on can generate themselves with no need to include the user."

The larger the organization, the higher the volume of its documents. Producing vast amounts of business-critical documents is not without its challenges; the process can easily get out of hand.

For example, you may need to follow every new agreement with a personalized contract formalizing the details discussed. Your company’s revenue grows with each client – and so does the volume of your documents. How can you maintain confidence in the accuracy, efficiency, and compliance of your document processes?

High-value documents like contracts and policies use information already likely to be stored somewhere in the company. Perhaps it’s spread across multiple sources. Why not use that information, and let your documents generate themselves?

Hands-free Document Automation with ActiveDocs

Given access to necessary information, sophisticated documents that your business relies on can generate themselves with no need to involve the user. Scalable integration with your existing Line of Business applications makes this easy. As well as production, delivery can be automated, allowing a truly hands-free document process – your system handles the labour, while you remain in control.

With ActiveDocs, you can be confident that the right documents are generated correctly and arrive at the right destination, at the right time – all on their own.


Schematic of Automated, User Driven, and Hybrid Document Production with ActiveDocs

Correct Documents Whenever You Want

Batch Generation

Routine documents can be scheduled for generation at times that suit you best. Customized monthly customer communications, regular invoicing, and annual account summaries are processed whenever and wherever you like – at off-peak times, in multiple locations, behind the scenes.

On Demand Generation

Flexibility, real-time integration with the latest available data, and rapid response time to your request – all this allows you to generate high-value documents on demand. Long, detailed, and personalized contracts or policies are prepared instantly based on data already available in your systems.

Architected for Large Organizations

We understand large organizations’ document process needs; our software is architected specifically with these in mind. ActiveDocs has been deployed on the global scale by some of the world’s largest companies, where it continues to deliver reliable performance that underpins their business.

Live data access, monitoring the high volume production of different document types across widely spread geographical locations, and their delivery across multiple channels are some of the advantages of fully automating your document processes with ActiveDocs.

Technical Specifics

With ActiveDocs, you can integrate any level of automation into your existing system using our open API, and scale the solution as your business grows.

ActiveDocs Components


Flexible Configuration

Implementation of a solution like this in your organization is very flexible – here, you can request technical details regarding deployment.

Performance Benchmarks

We continue to test the capabilities of our software – you can request the latest performance details here.

Artificial Intelligence

How could you transform your organization with AI document generation? Request our Whitepaper to find out.

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