ActiveDocs Open API

Our open API guarantees flexible integration, providing superior functionality for accessing your business applications.

Integrating any new product into your system should offer unlimited possibilities. Regardless of how in-depth your organization’s needs are, you can integrate ActiveDocs with your systems and applications without compromising on any features.

Whatever application you need to build – our API is open and simple to use.

Access to All Functionality Layers

Our open API gives you access to all functionality, wherever you need it. You can utilize any and all of our features and capability, spanning from document generation, through template management, reusable content, document management, workflow, delivery, to both automated and user-driven collection of data.

"The system does everything users need it to do and they don't realise they're talking to four different systems at once."

Jimmy Anthony, Supervisor and Business Analyst at Delta Dental of Arkansas.

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Fine-tuning data access and transformation, working with reusable content and migrating between environments, or authenticating with SAML-based identity providers are just a few ways our customers have leveraged our API. How you use it is up to you.

Secure Integration

You can control precisely how the API is used. You can put security controls in place to ensure that only the defined groups of users or applications use the ActiveDocs API, and you can give them the appropriate privileges. ActiveDocs gives you high granularity for your API security.

Flexible Technology

From over 20 years of experience collaborating with our customers and integrating with their disparate applications, we know that everyone's needs are different. ActiveDocs' API provides the flexibility to embrace that – it is based on REST technology for open access, regardless of the platform. You can use tools like Postman to test the API, develop your applications rapidly, and craft your solution to meet business requirements.

ActiveDocs Open API for flexible integration

Simple and flexible integration with ActiveDocs Open API.

Our API is stable – once you build your application, you don’t have to worry about ActiveDocs system upgrades.

Accessible Documentation

The ActiveDocs API comes with comprehensive documentation for on-demand support. We offer thorough, built-in API help, as well as a detailed guidebook for developers, with runnable code samples across all areas of the API. You can also take advantage of our specialized training created with developers in mind, to really make the most of this flexible technology.

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