ActiveDocs Opus™ Architecture

Description of architecture of the ActiveDocs Opus Suite.


ActiveDocs Opus is built on the Microsoft® .NET Framework and Microsoft® Internet Information Server (IIS) using a SQL Server database, and supports industry standard XML. Utilizing open standards and operating in a recognizable environment, it is easy to implement, configure, and maintain.


The ActiveDocs Opus framework is extensible, meaning it integrates easily with existing enterprise applications and business processes and in many cases can augment or extend their functionality. This delivers to your organization a complete and comprehensive enterprise solution.

Leverage Infrastructure

ActiveDocs Opus is designed to leverage your existing infrastructure integrating seamlessly with your existing fax, print and email outputs. It is compatible with a multi-system environment.


ActiveDocs Opus is architected to work with other systems such as document management systems (Microsoft® SharePoint, Documentum, Hummingbird and FileNet), customer relationship systems and other Business Systems (Company Portal).


ActiveDocs Opus supports the use of multiple languages and multiple time-zones to further enhance your designers' and users' experiences. Visually, the architecture includes the ability for you to customize the look and feel to suit your existing user environment.


The ActiveDocs Opus user login may use ActiveDocs Opus Security, or leverage Windows / Active Directory, or integrate with any other custom security. ActiveDocs Opus can be used in conjunction with industry standard security certificates (SSL).


ActiveDocs Opus scales up through easily configured multi-threading, leveraging multi-CPU server environments.

ActiveDocs Opus scales out to a multi-server environment and enhances that environment by supporting the optional separation of web site, database, and document services.

Additional Document Compilation Servers, Document Conversion Servers, and Document Delivery Servers can be added to the live environment to maximize performance as and when required.


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