The Document Engine

Powering your success with ActiveDocs.

Any organization can unlock tremendous potential with document automation.

It can deliver efficiencies across the organization, guarantee compliance, and deliver speed and volume which enable sustained growth. The output of high-value documents can be in multiple languages.

All that is needed is a Document Engine.

A universal tool

We understand the importance of delivering and unlocking this potential within organizations. We understand how to do this best, and have the track record and history to prove it.

Our software is a universal tool that fits comfortably with what you already have in place. ActiveDocs serves the needs of your bespoke and off the shelf applications to create documents, sourcing information from wherever your data lives.

ActiveDocs fits comfortably with your existing systems

ActiveDocs as your Document Engine: the elements and interactions


How does it work?

It’s all down to our extensive API and Automated Document Production capability. Together, they offer your applications access to document generation on cue, driving efficiency and compliance, and giving you confidence in your document processes.

The Engine uses your live data and rules to keep up to date with your requirements, adjusting content and producing exactly the documents you need.

How does the ActiveDocs Document Engine work?

Data, templates, and rules sit at the core of the ActiveDocs Document Engine

Business user takes control

Success is more likely when everyone plays to their strengths. That’s why once implemented, ActiveDocs doesn’t burden IT. The best people for the job can take charge of template, workflow and business process design, output delivery, data sourcing, and much more. Maintained by business users, our software gives control to those who are closest to the matter at hand.

"It's a one stop shop. The system does everything users need it to do and they don't realize they're talking to four different systems at once."

Jimmy Anthony, Supervisor Business Analyst at Delta Dental of Arkansas.

Document creation and Artificial Intelligence

Some organizations take automation of document generation all the way to building their own AI Document Engines. If you are interested in exploring this in finer detail, our whitepaper “Artificial Intelligence and Document Automation” is a good starting point.


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