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The auto-generated and auto-updated web forms that work with your Templates.

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The ActiveDocs Document Wizard works automatically with any ActiveDocs Template or Template Set, assisting the end user through an efficient, interview-style process to acquire the Answer data required for the document.

Our intuitive template design makes it simple for the Template Designer to organize ActiveDocs design items in the Template. Grouping and ordering design items provides a coherent experience for the end user. The Document Wizard follows the Designer's group and order structure, provides the required access to external data sources, and enables other functionality such as date picking, image acquisition, and the Free Text Editor.

For Designers

The grouping and ordering of design items in the Template is rendered automatically by the Document Wizard. Field typing, validation, and default value calculations are under the Designer's control.

Designers are not required to develop the end user interface of the Template.

Designers use the Document Wizard to test Templates directly from Content Manager, ensuring that Designers share the end user experience of the Template.

For End Users

The Document Wizard allows end users to start with new Answers or re-use previous Answers, a permissions-based feature. Any hints, tips, and instructions specified by the Designer are rendered clearly, with any validation errors helpfully explained. Mandatory and optional fields are differentiated for clarity.

The Document Wizard provides a navigation pane to enable end users to move the focus between the field groups.

Regardless of the screen sizes you use – desktop computers, tablets or cell phones – the Document Wizard interface will adapt to your device thanks to the responsive web design technology.

Data Capture by Multiple Users

You can collaborate to provide information used to produce your documents. A questionnaire session can be shared and passed on to other users while retaining the data that has already been provided, along with the correct security and authentication in place.

This way, you can send the questionnaire through to your clients or to another department who will complete the sections they need to, and pass the questionnaire back to you – or to another deparment. The data completed along the way is kept safe and secure.

Invoking the Document Wizard

The Document Wizard is invoked automatically when an end user clicks on a Template or Template Set name in the ActiveDocs Express Wizard.

The ActiveDocs Solutions Studio Module enables the Document Wizard to be invoked from other applications, with the option of using predetermined Answer data. As an example, the Document Wizard could be invoked from a CRM application, using a Customer Letter Template with some Answers preset using Customer information from the CRM.


Centralizing systems in a multi-language environment can be a challenge and not all businesses have the same requirements.

ActiveDocs provides the ability to both automate documents in different languages and to design templates in the language of choice. The Document Wizard offers the flexibility to display the questionnaire in the chosen language.

This capability significantly enhances the ability of global companies to control critical content and ensure that corporate documents can be created in the language of choice for customers or employees.

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