ActiveDocs Opus Data Integration

Utilize your existing data sources – simple wizard-driven setup. Many or a few. Filtered or not.

Data Views

ActiveDocs Opus Data Views allows data to be selected and mapped from another business system, reducing duplicate data entry and transcription errors. During User-Driven document creation the user is prompted to select the information required from within that business system (e.g. a customer name and details from a CRM).

Data Views are created and maintained in ActiveDocs Opus Content Manager, easily stepping a Designer through the process of designing and configuring the Data View.

Data Views may access data stored in an external, non-Microsoft® Word data source, such as a Microsoft® Excel workbook or a Microsoft® Access, SQL Server or other OLE-DB or ODBC-compliant database, and cloud applications.

Data Views are then used to map Active Fields to data sources in Design Item Sets via Content Manager, and in Templates and Snippets via ActiveDocs Opus Design Tools.

Multiple Data Views can be applied to a single Template or Snippet to allow data from numerous systems to be incorporated when creating a single document.


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