ActiveDocs Opus Express Wizard

The powerful and easy to use web interface for document creators and other end users.

Express Wizard

ActiveDocs Opus Express Wizard is the browser-based interface for Document Creators and other end users. Through the Express Wizard's easy user interface, users can:

  • Locate Templates through a folder-based structure
  • Run Templates and Template Sets using the ActiveDocs Opus
    Document Wizard to create documents
  • Access and manage documents that they create
  • Perform post-creation actions on their documents:
    • Download the document and the Answers used to create the document
    • Upload the document
    • Recreate the document using the current Template, or using the original Template via ActiveDocs Opus Version Control
    • Deliver the document through the Print, Fax, or Email channels configured in ActiveDocs Opus Composition Server
    • Reassign the document to another user
    • Delete the document
  • Access Audit and Management Reports
  • Manage Document Delivery
  • Administer users and user privileges


Access is controlled through ActiveDocs Opus Composition Server security which provides three models:

  • Direct integration with Active Directory/LDAP
  • ActiveDocs Opus Security
  • Integration with third-party security systems (SSO – identity providers, custom security, etc.)

Using any of these security models, users are allocated to groups, and groups are granted rights and access to Composition Server subsites.

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