ActiveDocs AdminCenter

Accessible, intuitive, and traceable control over all aspects of your ActiveDocs automation solution.

Layout of ActiveDocs software modules, with focus on the ActiveDocs AdminCenter.

Manage all your ActiveDocs environments from a single place, in a web browser.

A single access point allows you to precisely and easily control what is happening in your ActiveDocs systems. Monitor system health, run diagnostics, manage user privileges, configure environments and subsites, change system settings, manage delivery channels, and much more. Every aspect of your ActiveDocs solution is configurable to suit your precise requirements, without needing to access multiple locations.

All changes to configuration are traceable and auditable for maximum security.

AdminCenter makes it easy to deploy and run your ActiveDocs systems on cloud infrastructure. However, the benefits of AdminCenter and the fine control it provides are consistent regardless of your deployment method – whether you deploy your solution in the cloud, on premise, or in your regular datacenter, too.

You can try ActiveDocs in your own environment by undertaking a Proof of Concept project with us.

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