ActiveDocs WorkCenter Client

Clear, easy to understand visualization of the business logic across all your Templates.

Layout of ActiveDocs software modules, with focus on the ActiveDocs WorkCenter Client.

ActiveDocs WorkCenter Client expands the functionality of ActiveDocs WorkCenter. It enables designers to visually see the linkage of rules and business logic across hundreds or thousands of Templates, so that your team can make fully informed changes to content with confidence.

By leveraging ActiveDocs WorkCenter Client, a Template designer can manage all components relevant to your templates. This includes management of Templates and Snippets, for example creating new templates, making changes to critical content (e.g. a legal clause) that will dynamically update that content in any linked Templates. Data connections and sets of reusable automation components are also created and managed here. You can also create workflows for your templates, and set out the approvals and finalization rules that will apply to generated documents.

The WorkCenter Client enables version control of Design Components, including Publishing (and Deferred Publishing) integrated with the Approval process.

You can try ActiveDocs in your own environment by undertaking a Proof of Concept project with us.

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