ActiveDocs WorkCenter

Manage the document creation process from a clear, intuitive, web-based interface.

Layout of ActiveDocs software modules, with focus on the ActiveDocs WorkCenter.

ActiveDocs WorkCenter is a web-based application. It lets users access your templates and create documents, manage document versioning, approval workflows, and document delivery, and see all work-in-progress and finalized documents – all from a single location.

With ActiveDocs WorkCenter, user security rights are always enforced. User functions and access control are simple to configure and implement.

ActiveDocs WorkCenter includes document versioning capability, enabling tracking of any changes made to generated documents, and allowing you to roll changes back. It also enables the recreation of documents using the original Design Components with which they were created, even if these have since been superseded.

ActiveDocs WorkCenter also provides integrated workflow for Approval and Finalization, along with the relevant configurable document property settings such as Draft/Final metadata and watermarking.

You can try ActiveDocs in your own environment by undertaking a Proof of Concept project with us.

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