ActiveDocs Opus Composition Server

The core of the ActiveDocs Opus suite.

ActiveDocs Opus Composition Server is the core of the ActiveDocs Opus suite, and functions as the basis for either the User-Driven or Automated Mode document creation processes. With the addition of the ActiveDocs Opus modules we can work with you to design a solution that best meets your specific business needs.

ActiveDocs Opus Components

ActiveDocs Opus Composition Server
Compiles and delivers documents and manages content and templates
ActiveDocs Opus SharePoint
The ActiveDocs Opus SharePoint module delivers seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013
ActiveDocs Opus Express Wizard
Web based user interface for Template and Document access
ActiveDocs Opus Document Wizard
Web based user interface for User-Driven document assembly
ActiveDocs Opus Solutions Studio
Integration Toolkit enables connection to ECM/CRM or multiple databases
ActiveDocs Opus Automated Document Production (ADP)
Production system for Automated Mode document assembly.
ActiveDocs Opus Version Control
Enables version management, Publishing, and Deferred Publishing of Design Components, and the recreation of original documents from original Design Components.
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