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Management of document-centric business processes made easy.

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As a Document Creation solution, ActiveDocs sits at the start of the Document Lifecycle:

A representation of the document lifecycle as usage vs time. It starts with Creation, at low usage, then heads to Handling (ECM, DMS, CRM) with peak usage, and ends its lifetime with no usage.

ActiveDocs creates, stores, and delivers documents from interactive User-Driven processes and from programmatic Automated Mode processes, usually as part of overarching business processes. Sometimes the create-store-deliver sequence is sufficient to meet the needs of those business processes, but increasingly businesses need additional refinement and flexibility at the start of the document lifecycle.

The stages of document workflow: tracking, reporting, review, tasks, and delivery.

Before a document can be finally released to the next business process – or directly to its intended recipient – it may need to be drafted, reviewed, redrafted, reviewed again, approved by one or more qualified individuals, and finally stored and delivered.

Some of these activities will be iterative. Not all will necessarily apply to every individual document. Where the document is stored, and how it is formatted, may vary at any stage prior to final release. The final release stage itself may require something entirely different from what has gone before.

These business requirements could be managed and supported manually for a limited number of documents by an exceedingly knowledgeable and conscientious workforce, but the threshold beyond which demand will outstrip performance is extremely low.

To properly support these requirements a document automation system's capability must extend to an additional dimension: workflow. Adding workflow to a document automation system means that it must integrate seamlessly with third-party workflow products, or offer sophisticated inbuilt native workflow, or both.

ActiveDocs does both.

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