ActiveDocs Opus Solutions Studio

The comprehensive integration toolkit.

ActiveDocs Opus Solutions Studio is the toolkit for developers to extend integration of ActiveDocs Opus functionality into document based solutions, systems and processes.

For example, Solutions Studio enables developers to:

  • Integrate the ActiveDocs Opus Document Wizard with existing applications for User-Driven document creation
  • Implement customized functionality within the Document Wizard via Step Event Handling
  • Prepare and use preset Answer data in the Document Wizard
  • Use the ActiveDocs Opus Composition Server's Web Service and the Automated Document Production module for Automated Mode document creation
  • Programmatically read and modify ActiveDocs Opus Design Components

Document Wizard Event Handler

The Wizard Event Handler facilitates unique customization for specific business requirements in addition to standard ActiveDocs Opus Template functionality. This feature of Solutions Studio modifies the ActiveDocs Opus Document Wizard document creation process at four points in the wizard process - Start Event, Step Event, Finish Event, and the Document Completion Event.

The Wizard Event Handler enables Data Retrieval to occur at any event, and provides users with the opportunity to access non-standard connectivity methods in addition to the standard OLE-DB or ODBC connectivity. For example, a user may generate a Business System request to start using a particular template with a Customer ID passed at the same time. Prior to the first wizard step being presented to the user the customer details could be retrieved and be available.

During the Step or Finish Events, Data Validation may also be enhanced using your own rules or by ActiveDocs Opus interrogating a third party rules system. These Steps may also be used to Post Data, allowing users to send gathered data through to other business systems.

The Step Event Handler is a powerful feature that can also be used to Dynamically Modify Wizard Steps. For example, if a Customer Service Representative is talking with a customer and the Data Retrieval finds that the client's details have not been recently updated, the in-house sales representative may be prompted to update the Customer Details. While this may not always be a requirement for the document being created, it is necessary for the whole process to be fully completed.

Once the document has been created the Document Completion Event can be employed to redirect the default system process in order to handle delivery in a specified and customized way.

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