ActiveDocs Opus Version Control

Advanced versioning functionality for better compliance and auditing.

Design Component Version Control

ActiveDocs Opus Version Control enables complete version control of Design Components via the ActiveDocs Opus Content Manager interface.

Version Control features include:

  • Integration with ActiveDocs Opus Content Manager's standard automatic check-out
  • Extended check-in with Draft, Publish Now, and Deferred Publishing options
  • Previous version promotion
  • Previous version copy
  • Version compare
  • Integration with the Design Component Approval process

Document Recreation

Last week, you sent an Insurance Policy Document, produced by ActiveDocs Opus in secure PDF format, to one of your most valued customers.

Last weekend, you released a change to the Insurance Policy Template.

Yesterday, the customer told you about their change of address. You need to re-issue the policy with the new address - but the rest of the policy details must stay the same, and the new version of the policy Template will cause changes you don't want on this customer's policy document. What do you do?

ActiveDocs Opus Version Control provides the option to recreate documents using the original Template with which the documents were created, even if the Template has since been superseded. Recreating documents through the ActiveDocs Opus Express Wizard uses the ActiveDocs Opus Document Wizard, so all of the variable information is updatable.

Tomorrow, your customer receives an updated policy document showing their new address, with the remaining content matching the original.

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