Key Features and Benefits

The key features and benefits of the ActiveDocs Opus suite at glance

Key Features

  • Scale-Up, Scale-Out, Component-based architecture
  • Built on Microsoft® .NET
  • XML support
  • Real-time and high volume processing
  • Browser based Wizard-driven interactive document creation
  • Integrated Workflow for Document Approval and Finalization
  • Web Services for Automated Document Production with Auto Populate option
  • Free Text support with integrated Editor in the Document Wizard
  • Multiple document formats (DOCX, WordML, DOC, ODT, PDF, XPS, RTF, HTML, TIFF)
  • Multiple document delivery channels
  • Integrated Content Management with Check-Out and Check-In
  • Content Version Control with Publish-Now and Deferred Publishing
  • Multi-language support
  • Data access (ODBC, OLE-DB, Stored Procedures, Web Services)
  • Supports WebDAV and SharePoint for Template and Snippet storage
  • Image support for all standard formats
  • Design from within Microsoft® Word
  • Content reuse (Templates, Snippets, Fields, Rules, Data Views)
  • User access control
  • Audit, management, and customized reporting
  • Email Delivery with advanced features
  • Efficient handling of multi-document sets
  • Automation of Excel workbooks
  • Dynamic Attachments in document sets

Key Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to automate
  • Centralized content control
  • Scale up and Scale out topologies supported
  • Configures for specific requirements
  • Create documents in multiple languages
  • Deliver by print, fax, email, directory
  • Easy integration with existing applications
  • No customization required to start using
  • Efficient control of content
  • Update templates in minutes
  • Leverage existing Microsoft® Word skills
  • Format and insert logos and graphics
  • Dynamic template control
  • Configure user access to over 40 system functions
  • Customized audit reporting of document creation and delivery
  • Integration with existing DMS/ECM applications
  • Simple end user interface for creating complex documents
  • Leverage multi-CPU, multi-server topology
  • Deployment and Publication control
  • Extended integration using Web Services

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