Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Using ActiveDocs Opus for seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The integration capabilities of ActiveDocs Opus allow the complete document creation scenario to be performed from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With a simple Microsoft Dynamics CRM setup, a user can click a button to create a document - for example, a sales proposal - using the ActiveDocs Opus document creation wizard. The document is created, the data is pulled into the document or entered by the user, then the document is passed seamlessly back to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. More than simply merging data into a document, the template can contain business logic controlling the required content. Got a customer from California? The relevant clause can be included automatically. ActiveDocs Opus users can set up and produce a variety of documents using the same Microsoft Dynamics CRM information without further IT involvement.

ActiveDocs Opus Integration allows document creation from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and document storage into Microsoft Dynamics CRM in any combination. An end-to-end solution utilises the simple steps shown in the Sales Proposal example below:

  • Start Document Creation from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • The ActiveDocs Opus Document Wizard retrieves and displays the required information from Microsoft Dynamics CRM with optional editing, and allows the user to enter any other required information
  • The completed document is passed to and stored in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the user is returned to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM window

Start Document Creation from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM

To invoke Document Creation, the user clicks the Create Proposal custom button.

ActiveDocs Opus Document Wizard

The ActiveDocs Opus Document Wizard will be displayed if additional user input is required. Otherwise the document will be created without a need for user interaction and all the required data will be populated from the relevant Opportunity and Account.

The completed document can be passed to and stored in Microsoft Dynamics CRM or another document repository or management system, and the user is returned to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM window.

With ActiveDocs Opus and Dynamics CRM

  • The ActiveDocs 'right template, right now' philosophy and seamless integration mean that document creation is discreetly, and discretely, controlled to virtually eliminate document risks
  • Dynamics CRM users can rapidly and accurately create and store complete and properly-formatted documents
  • Seamless integration gives users a smooth workflow with an easy transition between Dynamics CRM and ActiveDocs Opus
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