ActiveDocs Integration: SAP

Integrate your SAP data seamlessly into your ActiveDocs document generation processes.

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You can increase productivity and efficiency in your organization by automating your document production within your SAP (or hybrid) environment. This lets you utilize the "single version of the truth" data stored in SAP systems. Perhaps most importantly, this consistently allows you to mitigate risks associated with the creation and release of inaccurate documents – for both internal and external communication.

Essentials for success

You can achieve your desired outcomes while providing a high return on investment. It is essential that a document automation solution for SAP can be deployed rapidly, and can scale easily. It needs to have a low maintenance cost and to allow easy importing of existing templates, and does not require high level IT skills for template design and administration.

ActiveDocs meets all of the above specifications. It can bring the benefits of document automation into your organization and leverage your investment into SAP.

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Rapid deployment

Rapid deployment is essential for maximization of the benefits provided by any software solution, and it is particularly important in the SAP ecosystem.

ActiveDocs is the out-of-the-box document automation product that does not require expert level IT and SAP skills. Your existing templates can be imported and automated in the familiar environment of Microsoft Word.

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Scalability is a crucial factor for reducing the risk associated with the deployment of any software solution. It makes it possible to use a staged deployment approach with reduced upfront costs and maintenance expenses.

ActiveDocs can be scaled-up or scaled-out. You can deploy it initially as a point solution, and increase its utilization throughout other business areas confident about its ongoing production capability.

Low maintenance costs

Microsoft's Open XML format is a globally accepted open standard for documents and templates. Utilization of this standardized document format protects the organization's existing investment in document automation.

ActiveDocs natively supports Open XML. It utilizes MS Word as the environment for editing and maintenance of automated templates. The familiar and powerful interface of MS Word makes it easy to modify and maintain templates. It is not necessary to engage programmers or IT experts in template development. Template design is simple and intuitive – templates can be designed, edited, and managed, by business users independently of the IT department.

Better traceability, reduced risk

Reduction of the risk associated with creation of documents should be paramount in every document production solution. Inconsistent business-critical documentation exposes your organization to the risk of extrenal investigation, fines, or worse.

To eliminate risk, template management and compliance auditing capabilities must provide a robust framework for traceability of changes. Reporting on template usage, document delivery, and interaction with workflows are essiential. ActiveDocs exceeds the compliance requirements for templates and documents in every size of enterprise, providing an unparalleled level of control over document-centric processes.

Interested in this in more depth?

Our whitepaper "Document Automation for SAP" outlines the requirements for document automation for SAP. It provides more information about useful best practices, and will help you find out how to achieve the highest return on investment.

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