ActiveDocs Integration: Office 365

Leverage Microsoft Office 365 on any platform with ActiveDocs document automation software.

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ActiveDocs provides an out-of-the-box integration module for the suite of Microsoft Office 365 applications, with a particular focus on SharePoint Online and Word across all platforms.

ActiveDocs and Office 365 integration diagram

Template design

Our software makes template design very user-friendly. Business users can create and modify templates without the help of IT developers, working in the familiar environment of Microsoft Word. It's simple, intuitive, and non-codey.

Integrated template management

Do you need to store your ActiveDocs templates in Office 365 or SharePoint Online? Or maybe you would like to import your existing, non-automated templates?

No problem. Simply select the document library with the templates. ActiveDocs will know to access these, and will let Office 365 take care of template versioning. You can enforce compliance through quality control measures that utilize template approval and staged publishing.

Document generation and editing

Generate your documents automatically with ActiveDocs, save them in Office 365, and if they require any subsequent editing, make the changes on any of the supported platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Tablets, desktop PC, and Mac.

Editing a document generated by ActiveDocs in Microsoft Word Online

Document storage

Saving your ActiveDocs-generated documents into Office 365 Document Libraries is hassle-free. Define which libraries the documents should be stored in – and ActiveDocs will create folders and document sets for you.

You can integrate document generation with your workflows for approval and management of business processes. ActiveDocs provides precise control how your documents and document sets are accessed and versioned. You can define user privileges to set out who can view, modify, and recreate your documents, deciding whether you want to create a new version, or a new document.

You can be confident that you will meet your compliance requirements by clearly identifying and tracking your Documents – who generated them, who modified them, and who approved them.

Why integrate ActiveDocs with Office 365?

  • A single, cross-platform environment for all document creation processes
  • Centralized management of documents and templates
  • Accurate population and utilization of document metadata
  • Replace manual document creation processes – keep existing SharePoint Workflows
  • Automated document finalization – convert your drafts into PDF, remove watermarks, deliver to the final destination
  • Searchable document content, template content, and metadata
  • Easy editing in Word Online, mobile platform apps, and desktop Word applications
  • Rapid deployment – out-of-the-box integration
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