ActiveDocs Integration: Outlook

Automate your routine email communications and respond to large numbers of enquiries in minutes.

Organge to yellow gradient banner with Microsoft Outlook icon.

Business users spend a large portion of their working day responding to emails and communicating with clients and customers via email. Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used email client in large enterprises. You can make your business users' work easier, quicker, and more compliant by integrating ActiveDocs document automation software with Outlook.

Email communication automation

The ActiveDocs Outlook module has been designed to remove the tedium from routine email creation, allowing you to create full HTML emails effortlessly without leaving the Outlook email client.

Screenshot of ActiveDocs Opus Outlook module

Leverage corporate data in your email responses. Eliminate the need for copying and pasting information into the emails. The automation functionality already familiar to all ActiveDocs template designers – Data Views, rule-driven content, images, tables etc. – can also be utilized to create automated emails.

You can use one standard environment for template design, regardless of which type of communication you generate.

Why integrate ActiveDocs with Outlook?

  • Impress your clients with comprehensive and accurate responses to their emails
  • Spend less time responding to routine emails
  • Personalize your emails with client data
  • Insert accurate pricing; integrate with your CRM
  • Single point of access to automated and non-automated email creation
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