Document Automation in the Cloud

One-click data integration with enterprise-scale cloud applications.

ActiveDocs Opus can help leverage your existing cloud applications and ensure the integrity of information presented to your customers. For example, you can use your CRM to automatically provide accurate and up-to-date pricing for sales proposals generated with ActiveDocs.

Fully featured and platform agnostic

By deploying the document automation system in the cloud, you don’t need to compromise on any of its functionality. The features that come as part of the ActiveDocs Opus suite are identical, whether you deploy it on premises or in the cloud.

ActiveDocs Opus works with your chosen cloud computing services. That’s regardless of running your infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or another provider.

Works with your cloud applications

If your organization has chosen a cloud infrastructure strategy, it is important that your document automation and compliance solution can be integrated into your environment.

ActiveDocs Opus is equipped with the technology that makes it easy to communicate securely with many cloud-based applications. You can source data from CRM systems, save your documents in a cloud repository, edit or review your automated documents in Office 365, and much more.

Line of Business Applications

Access your data in the cloud and generate accurate quotes, proposals, statements of work and any other high-value documents you require. ActiveDocs can be integrated with your data in a single click.

Diagram of integration with cloud Line-of-Business applications


You can save your created documents and collected data in a number of cloud repositories such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint Online and others. Our open API makes this simple and efficient.

Diagram of integration with cloud storage solutions

Retain full control of the system and data

With ActiveDocs Opus in the cloud, you are fully in control of your system, all of your data, and access privileges. Many cloud infrastructure providers operate their data centers globally, making it possible to meet a number of compliance demands concerning data location, ownership, and management.

Performance that grows with your demands

Adapt your system performance to your needs. Start with a small system, and expand performance as required. Save on infrastructure cost by scaling-down or powering off your system in down-time periods.

ActiveDocs Opus supports the scale-up and scale-out topologies that enable you to increase both throughput and availability of the system, based on the demands of your organization.

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