ActiveDocs Document Sets

Extend document generation and workflow to multiple-document scenarios.

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ActiveDocs Document Sets extend document automation and workflow from single-document to multiple-document scenarios.

Document Sets

A document set is a collection of two or more documents related to a particular event or transaction.

  • a new or renewed insurance policy could require a cover letter, a policy document, and a bank authorization
  • an engineering proposal might comprise an introductory letter, a proposal document with materials and services lists, a set of technical diagrams, and a spreadsheet workbook that would allow the recipient to experiment with ‘what-if’ scenarios by varying selected parameters of the proposal
  • an email with one or more attachments constitutes a document set, with the email body itself being the first document and the attachments being the remainder of the set

Our software provides full and flexible support for Document Sets from design to document generation, approval, finalization, delivery, and storage.

Document Set

Design • Generate • Manage

At the Template Design stage, ActiveDocs supports design for document set generation, and enables the controlled addition of pre-determined and/or dynamically selected existing documents. These can be added to the document set in most formats, including static and automated Excel workbooks.

In the Document Generation phase, a single Document Wizard session can generate or collect all of the necessary documents without prompting for the same information more than once. Alternatively, ActiveDocs Automated Document Production (ADP) can generate full document sets with data supplied to its web services.

ActiveDocs Workflows allow application of predetermined or dynamic Approval, Finalization, Storage, and Delivery processing to the whole Document Set or to a subset of its documents. Of particular interest is the product’s ability to automatically generate the body and attachments of emails for Advanced Email Delivery.

Complementary Features

The Document Set feature is complemented by Excel Workbook Automation, Interactive and Automated Mode document generation, the Dynamic Attachments feature, and Workflow and Delivery including Advanced Email Delivery.

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