ActiveDocs Dynamic Attachments

Add existing documents to document sets.

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ActiveDocs extends its industry-leading capability to merge Microsoft® Word™ and Adobe® PDF documents into generated documents, with the ability to add separate documents in these and many other formats to document sets.

In Template Design, ActiveDocs supports design for document set generation, and enables controlled addition of both pre-determined and dynamically selected existing documents to the document set. These can be in most formats, including static and automated Excel workbooks. Designers may also use Rules and data to include or exclude documents and to specify document names.

Combined with Word, PDF, and other documents generated by the solution, the following — and more — document types and formats can build comprehensive document sets for customers, employees, and other stakeholders:

  • General product or service line brochures
  • Automatic selections of brochures for specific products or services from a Sales Proposal
  • User-selected individual project-based Excel workbooks
  • Solution-generated automated Excel workbooks
  • PowerPoint pitchbooks and custom presentations
  • Project files and Visio diagrams

Document Set with Dynamic Attachments

ActiveDocs selects external files using predetermined settings, or via data captured interactively in ActiveDocs Document Wizard sessions or supplied via web services to the ActiveDocs ADP module. Both methods support full integration with, and allow automatic extraction of filtered data from, existing data sources with minimal key data required.

ActiveDocs Workflows can apply Approval, Finalization, Delivery, and Storage of documents in document sets with and without external documents.

Complementary Features

The Dynamic Attachments feature is complemented by Document Sets, Excel Workbook Automation, Interactive and Automated Mode document generation, and Workflow and Delivery including Advanced Email Delivery.

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