ActiveDocs Free Text Editing

Rich text editing, formatting, and styling compatible with Microsoft Word in your web browser.

Icon of text being edited on a background of orange-to-red gradient

The Free Text feature allows the Template Designer to include Free Text markers in the Template. Designers may optionally specify a Snippet to provide starter text for the end user. Designers can also define the precise range of editing features available to the end user from the following list:

  • Bold, underline, italic
  • Font, size, color
  • Bullets, numbering
  • Indenting
  • Table editing
  • Styles (Normal, Heading 1,2,3 etc.)
  • Justification
  • Cut, copy, paste

Free Text in User-Driven Mode

In User-Driven Mode, the Document Wizard provides a Free Text Editor to allow the end user to provide formatted content. The interface is intuitive, and applying changes is quick and easy. There is no need to code.

Free Text in Automated Mode

In Automated Mode, Free Text may be provided as Answer data in the standard way via Job XML.

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