ActiveDocs Template Design

Powerful and easy-to-use tools enable business users to manage document automation end to end – no more reliance on IT developers.

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Our ActiveDocs WorkCenter application empowers business users to handle the bigger picture. You can look after overall architecture of templates and re-use automation elements – without the need to rely on developers.

Our Design Tools provide an intuitive way of applying sophisticated automation to documents directly in Microsoft Word.

ActiveDocs WorkCenter

All the components of your template design can be found in one place – the ActiveDocs WorkCenter application.

Create new content, modify the existing, and get a 360 degrees view of what is going on with your document automation, bottom to top.

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Templates and Snippets

Templates and Snippets are the core components of automation. You can manage templates in an intuitive and powerful way.

Here, you configure how you content will work – apply rules, include calculations, fields, and all of the automation magic – with no need to write code.

Formatting and styling is simple, with access to everything offered by Microsoft Word.


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Template Sets and Attachments

When you need to create multiple documents at the same time, you can use Template Sets. These also allow you to automate business rules that decide which documents should be generated.

If your document sets need to include additional, external documents, you can designate these as attachments to your Template Set.


Automation Elements


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Design Item Sets

The "create once, use many times" principle applies beyond content.

You can reuse data fields, rules, calculations, and a number of other automation items. You can keep all these up to date easily with our Design Item Sets.


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Data Views

All your data connections are maintained in one place – the Data Views. Do you need to switch your data source from your on-premise CRM system to the new cloud based CRM? No problem.

You don't need to touch all the templates that use the data – you only change the Data View.

A single change in a single place.


Design Tools

Layout of ActiveDocs template design hierarchy

Intuitive, MS Word-based

If you are comfortable with Microsoft Word, you will be comfortable with our Design Tools. Based in Word, Design Tools will help you turn your existing documents into automated templates.

You can quickly access all your Design Components, and apply them into your ActiveDocs template.

There is no need to remember any syntax – great design is just a few simple clicks away.

Fast template design

Your template designers can quickly deliver and maintain sophisticated templates. ActiveDocs Template Design functionality and user interface have been optimized for speed.

Our no-code platform is continuously refined based on real-life feedback from our customers. They are often organizations who work with hundreds of templates, with hundreds of automation elements in each. We develop our software with those customers' needs in mind – that way, we know our software can meet the demands of even the most discerning organizations.

Easy formatting, 100% fidelity

When you bring your existing Word documents or templates into ActiveDocs, they will maintain their quality and design. ActiveDocs works natively with Microsoft Word document formats. This ensures that formatting, styles, images, text boxes, headers, footers, footnotes, and even Smart Objects look the same. No conversion required.

Furthermore, you can seamlessly interleave Word styling and formatting with the automation elements that your documents need, achieving exactly the look you need for every document. Formatting of inserted text, or conditional formatting, are just a few examples.

Robust template structure

ActiveDocs lets you build rules and calculations in natural language, and it doesn't rely on any in-template syntax or code. This makes your templates and their automation very robust.

When you apply a rule in multiple places in your template, it can be updated from one location instead of searching for all of its occurrences. Changing date formatting, or how a calculation in a field works? Do it once, and the correct field will be updated everywhere.

In-depth view into your template

Quick and thorough understanding of content and interactions is essential when reviewing and editing templates.

ActiveDocs Designer Pane in Word is designed to do just that. You can view your document content, and easily identify how rules work, how they are nested, if a field has a calculated value, whether content can be repeated, and much more. You can also easily drill down into the details, and instantly make adjustments.

Zoom-in view of a template with demarcation of rules and logic

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