ActiveDocs Rules Engine

Correct decisions, 100% of the time.

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You can achieve 100% accuracy across all areas of your document processes.

Your high-value documents can be produced consistently and correctly with the help of our Rules Engine. With your business logic easily built in, the Rules Engine can take the appropriate actions in line with your specifications and the supplied data.

What does this look like?

Like all other components of our software, the ActiveDocs Rules Engine can work together and seamlessly integrate with the applications of your choice.

The Rules Engine has a simple, intuitive, and highly capable way of building rules and applying extremely granular control over those rules in the comprehensive areas where they are implemented. This means that business users can confidently set up and maintain business rules as part of your solution.

ActiveDocs rules engine provides flexibility and is easy to use

Full range of rules, built by business users

Rules can be simply “if this then that” logic. They can also be intricate, with a number of parameters to evaluate, dynamic calculations to perform, live data to assess, and possible outcomes to choose from. They can be anything in between. Whatever rule you need, you can build and test it through a simple point-and-click interface.

Your rule requirements may change over time. Our software makes it easy to keep track of what’s happening. As with most things in ActiveDocs, applying and reviewing changes is simple, and making updates in all relevant locations comes down to a single click.

With great power comes great versatility

Our Rules Engine is at the core of ActiveDocs, and is part of every deployment. It lets you confidently automate not only the production of your documents, but also any relevant decision-making.

The ActiveDocs Rules Engine lets you apply that logic easily and reliably, wherever you need it. It allows you to implement fully automated capabilities of your choice into your solution.

You control the logic, the rules do all the work.


Select the template

Select the template

You can set up the Rules Engine so that it knows to choose the appropriate templates, and use them for producing documents and document sets, depending on your specific requirements.

Choose the content

Select the appropriate content

The content included in the output documents, such as images and branding, specific paragraphs, or merged-in external content, can be driven by the Rules Engine.

Fine-tune your language

Fine-tune your language

The Rules Engine can determine and apply the appropriate language for your purpose. Personalize your documents with absolute certainty that they are always compliant with all the required standards.


Ask the right questions

Ask the right questions

If you choose to incorporate user-driven elements into your document production, ActiveDocs Document Wizard will only prompt your users for information that's relevant.

Select document format

Select document format

The output documents can be presented in many formats. The Rules Engine can pick the correct format for any given situation.

Apply document formatting

Determine document formatting

Rules can be used to apply very specific formatting to present your business documents accurately and consistently, every time.


Select the correct data

Select the right data

The correct data can be accurately selected from the right data source, formatted to suit your business requirements, and used in document production and further processing.

Choose the best workflow

Choose the right workflow

Users don't need to worry about choosing the right workflow for the documents. The Rules Engine can do that for you.

Deliver via the right channel

Delivery via the right channel

Send everything to the right set of approvers via the appropriate delivery channel. The fate of the correctly-assembled documents will be determined by your rules, in line with your business requirements.


Intelligent automation

Some systems are suitable for complete, start-to-finish automation of document production – data drives all document decisions, leaving humans free to focus on other tasks. How do we make this work? Our AI whitepaper provides in-depth information.

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