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Define things once: reusable, smart, modular content.

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ActiveDocs Snippets are modular content. You can think of them as mini-templates or building blocks. They can get as intricate as you need them to be. This includes full automation, graphics, and rich text formatting.

Our Snippets are smart. They are context aware, adapting to the document they are used in. They ensure accurate content and seamless presentation of all your documents and communications.

Managing Snippets is simple. It’s done in a central location. When you make a change, you do it once. Everywhere the Snippet is used will automatically update itself. This makes keeping all your content up to date quick, easy, and traceable. You can be confident that your changes are consistent and applied everywhere.

Change once, change all, change immediately

ActiveDocs Snippets are extremely versatile. They can be used as many times, in as many templates, as needed. Templates can generate infinite numbers of documents. Updates can be applied everywhere and all at once, with immediate effect.

Content relationship reporting works in both directions. When you make changes, you always know what effect they might have.

Updates are made in one place, changes are automatically applied everywhere relevant

ActiveDocs Snippets in action

Snippets are extremely versatile. Here are a few examples of using them:


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Static Snippets

These are great for including pieces of static content. This may be as simple as somebody's name, a logo, an address block...

...or as large as many pages of terms and conditions.


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Active Snippets

Modules of content – as above – with added automation. This can include rules, data connections, and pre-loaded data.

Active Snippets can be context sensitive, and adjust their content according to the data used by the parent template.


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Categorized Snippets

Static or Active Snippets placed in any number of categories, like a menu of ready-to-use building blocks. Business users can select which ones they want to include in documents.


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Editable Snippets

Users have the ability to modify Snippets prior to including these in the final document. Editing is quick, simple, and can be done directly in the web browser.


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Repeating Snippets

Build sections or entire document from Snippets.

Include as many as you like, editable or not. Snippet selection can be automated, or left up to the business user.

Making the most of Snippets across industries

Snippets are useful across many areas, regardless of industry – for example:


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Simplifying maintenance and reusing content in loan and leasing templates.

Read more about document automation for Banking.


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Business Operations

Compiling agreements, contracts, and data sheets into complete lease packs.


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Energy and Utilities

Accounting for different branding and state specific variation.

Read more about document automation for Energy and Utility providers.


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Federal and State Government Agencies

Standardizing and enforcing compliance for purchasing orders and requisition documents.

Read more about document automation for Federal and State Government Agencies.


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Enforcing standardized and approved language while maintaining a high degree of customization.

Read more about document automation for Finance, Investment, and Wealth management organizations.


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Streamlining admissions, transfers, and care plans.

Read more about document automation for Healthcare organizations.


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Industry and Manufacturing

Using the building block approach to create test reports, procedure documentation, and proposals.

Read more about document automation for the industrial and manufacturing sector.


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Information and Communications Technology

Proving sales staff access to standardized, pre-approved, context-responsive and ready-to-use clauses and product information.

Read more about document automation for ICT.


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Building clause libraries and rationalizing forms and templates.

Read more about document automation for Insurance.


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Legal and Judiciary

Including precise legal language and enabling its easy and traceable maintenance in line with regulations.

Read more about document automation for Legal and Judiciary organizations.

How our customers use ActiveDocs Snippets

Every organization is different, and our customers range across industries. They all have one thing in common: they make the most of our modular design approach. Here are a few examples:


Victoria Legal Aid

Managing over a thousand of templates is a breeze, and it’s all down to modular template design.

Read the Case Study.



Modular content makes it easier to build templates and create documents: content is produced and verified by experts, and used in tender responses and other sales documents.

Read the Case Study.


Silver Fern Farms

ActiveDocs modular approach to building of templates and documents simplifies the task of creating and keeping up to date of tens of thousands of operation procedures. Everything can be handled directly by business users, without involving IT.

Read the Case Study.


Major Shopping Center Company

Modular content has become the cornerstone of this customer’s building and negotiating leasing contracts.

Read the Case Study.


Commercial Property Insurer

This customer has combined ActiveDocs modularity with natural language generation and targeted customization to produce high-value, custom insurance policies.

Read the Case Study.

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