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Flexibility and confidence in every document, in any language.

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Our software can help you do more business, more easily.

The multi-language feature simplifies challenges typically associated with international trade. You can be sure that the documents you generate with ActiveDocs are presented in the language you need, correctly and accurately, every time.

Use the language you want, wherever you need

Use the language you want

ActiveDocs supports the use of multiple languages as part of your solution. It offers you the freedom of using the languages you are comfortable with, and you can trust that the output documents are generated correctly in your audiences’ choice of languages.

ActiveDocs offers complete support for non-Latin alphabets and right-to-left text direction, allowing you to communicate with confidence, all around the world. You can easily use the language you want at every stage of document production with ActiveDocs.


Design and automate templates in any language

Design and automate templates in your chosen language.

Complete the Document Wizard in any langauge

Complete the Document Wizard in any lanugage.

Use data with a range of characters

Use data with a range of characters.


What does this look like?

For example, you can select the answer in English…

Wizard screen with choice of job titles in English

…and it's captured in the relevant language!

Wizard screen with corresponding job title in Mandarin

The confident choice that adapts to your needs

Users all across the world can use the same templates to generate your documents, following all the same business standards. Users can simply pick what they need, and the correct language can display based on your users’ preferred environment settings.

That means there are fewer resources to maintain and update. It guarantees compliance, accuracy, and consistency in your presentation.

Multi-language document generation extends beyond documents created by users – it can also be fully automated, allowing for hands-free production of exactly what you want, in the language you need, at the time that suits you best.

With so many options, deciding what will suit you best can be overwhelming. To help you make an informed decision, we have included configuration details and best practices in our Multi Language Whitepaper.

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